penguin pooh
Ladies and Gentlemen, We are very happy to see that the jury has found our research worth the award! Unfortunately both of us have encountered some problems getting a visa to be here in person. We don't know why, but let's hope it had nothing to do with the explosive nature of our work!
Our project started in Antarctica during the first (and only) Jamaican Antarctic Expedition in 1993, which I had organized and was the leader of. Many photographs of penguins and their "decorated" nests were taken. Later at a slide show at Kitasato Daigaku in Japan, I was asked by a student during question time to explain how the penguins decorated their nests. I answered: They get up, move to the edge of the nest, turn around, bend over -and shoot. The student who had asked the question, she blushed, the audience chuckled, and we got the idea to calculate the pressures produces when penguins poo. Thank you!

Pressure produced when penguins pooh

The Penguin Poo Story (and more): Questions & Answers

penguin ready to shoot penguin shoot

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